Becoz Project

“I can’t control my life,
but I can control how I react to it!”

- Macklemore

The Becoz Project exists to build self esteem, confidence, resilience and leadership skills in young Australians.

We are a Gen Y translator. We are focused on the translation of messages into unique programs that are engaging, interactive and relevant to its audience.

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Results & Testimonials

Methodist Ladies’ College

“We have just finished the second round of the Becoz Project’s Body and Mind Program presented by Katherine Hazelwood. I cannot recommend this programme highly enough! The difference it has made to the students who have attended both these programs is outstanding – improved confidence levels, increased resilience and a better understanding of what ‘makes them tick’ as teenagers!”

Elaine Riley
Director of Boarding

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Whether a student is starting high school, transitioning to senior years or preparing for life outside of school, it is important that they have the self-esteem and confidence to make the most out of their school experience and in some situations simply survive it.

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When you have a young new graduate or an exisisting employee moving into their first management role, it is essential that they have leadership and communication skills.

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Registered Training Organisations

Similarly to the school environment, apprentices and trainees need to develop self-esteem in their trade choice.

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